Strengthening Mental Health Worldwide

INDIGO began in 2006 (led by Professor Sir Graham Thornicroft, Professor Diana Rose and Professor Norman Sartorius). The first two studies addressed the nature and severity of stigma and discrimination as experienced (and as anticipated) by people with a diagnosis of schizophrenia or depression. These projects used a newly constructed measure called the Discrimination and Stigma Scale (DISC-12) which is based upon the most frequent and most important aspects of stigma and discrimination reported directly by people with mental health problems.

The INDIGO Network is a collaboration of research colleagues in over 40 countries worldwide committed to developing knowledge about mental illness related stigma and discrimination, both in terms of their origins and their eradication. It was coordinated by Mirja Koschorke, Maria Milenova, Nicole Votruba and Graham Thornicroft at the Centre for Global Mental Health, Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London.

Summary of Projects

There are four projects running locally, within the overall co-ordinating framework of INDIGO, aiming to reduce stigma and discrimination. We no longer accept new members but we invite you to use our scales and mehtods to develop stigma reducing programmes so we can all end stigma and discrimination in mentla health together.

Project 1. Developing a short version of the Discrimination and Stigma Scale (Lead: Dr. Sara Evans-Lacko)

Project 2. Improving referral rates to local health care services for people with mental illness using a local public knowledge and awareness campaign (Leads: Dr. Maya Semrau and Nicole Votruba)

Project 3. Improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of primary care staff towards people with mental illness in primary care settings (lead: Dr. Mirja Koschorke)

Project 4. Improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of medical students towards people with mental illness (Lead: Dr. Claire Henderson)

Countries which participated in the INDIGO Network