Strengthening Mental Health Worldwide

MAKS (Mental Illness Knowledge Scale)

MAKS has been developed to measure mental health-related knowledge. The tool assesses and tracks stigma-related mental health knowledge among the general public and can be used to evaluate anti-stigma interventions. If used in combination with other assessment tools that measure attitudes and behaviour, MAKS can help researchers plan and develop interventions that effectively reduce stigma.

MICA-2 and MICA-4 (Mental Illness: Clinicians’ Attitudes scale)

The Mental Illness Clinicians’ Attitudes scale (MICA-2) was created for use with medical students. It was found to be reliable, valid and responsive to change. An amended version (MICA-4) was validated with a sample of nursing students and may be suitable for staff and students from a wide range of health professions. The MICA has 16 questions and has been widely used around the world.

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