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Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, Hindi and many more. Find out what languages our tools have been translated into

BACE (Barriers to Accessing Care Evaluation)

BACE has been translated into Arabic,Kannada, Cantonese, Italian, Telegu, Spanish (Colombia), Spanish (Spain), Nepali, Portuguese, and French.

CODA (Costs of Discrimination Assessment)

Currenlty, CODA is in English only.

RIBS (Reported and Intended Behaviour Scale)

Our website contains translations of RIBS in Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Japanese, Kannada, Italian, Arabic, French, Hungarian, and Portuguese.

 DISC & DISCUS (Discrimination and Stigma Scales)

The DISC has been translated into Swedish, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), مقياس-التمييز-والوصمة (Arabic), Arabic (Tunisia), Amharic, Tamil, Urdu, Turkish, Polish (men) & Polish (women), Spanish, and Hungarian. The DISCUS is in English only.

QUAD (Questionnaire on Anticipated Discrimination)

QUAD has been translated into Polish (women) & Polish (men), German, Hungarian, and Japanese.

MAKS (Mental Illness Knowledge Scale)

MAKS has been translated into French, Swedish, Japanese, Kannada, Traditional Chinese, Czech, Arabic, Hungarian, Malay, German, Ukrainian, and Creole.

MICA-2 and MICA-4 (Mental Illness: Clinicians’ Attitudes scale)

MICA-4 has been translated into Japanese, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Kannada, Italian, Spanish (Chile/Bolivia/Cuba), German, Nepali, Hungarian, Kiswahili, Gujarati, Hebrew, Luganda, Slovak, Creole, and French.

If you think you would like to translate any of our tools in your language, please follow the guidelines here at the end of the page.